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10314769_1404694399809965_4132957921128368544_nThe health care sector in Azerbaijan has been considerably improving over the last couple of years as the country advances in all spheres. The health care system is experiencing its most successful development period in Nakhchivan as in other regions of Azerbaijan. Specializing in medical devices market and offering high benefits to our customers thanks to its high-end products and services, “Nakhshijahan Med” was established on April 23, 2014, with the vision to become one-stop center meeting all demands of consumers in medical sector. The company provides the local hospitals and other health care entities with the most up-to-date medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, we offer latest products and special services to local consumers. In fact, “Nakhshijahan Med” currently cooperates and expands its relations with leading global companies. Offering products and services for healthy life, our company aims to attain perfect product and high-quality service with high customer satisfaction. Our business policy entails mutually beneficial and long-lasting relations with the customers. We supply the highest quality medical equipment and high-level services to our customers. Our mission is to improve people’s lives. We help the health care institutions offer better and safe services. Rely on us to improve general service quality and safety in your hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Cooperate with us to protect your health!

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