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Nakhshijahan Med, based in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan, is a leading medical service company in the region operating in two major dimensions. The company supplies medical equipment and products as well as pharmaceuticals from global manufacturers to various regional locations. The quality of supplied products and high level of service are main business priorities for us. Cooperation with leading manufacturers and service firms is particularly important for our company.

We supply all types of medical equipment and products to the hospitals in order to ensure best treatment to the patients with the latest medical technology. In addition to delivering medical products to hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physician offices and clinical laboratories across Azerbaijan, Nakhshijahan Med offers all our customers the best service of these products. The value-added services also reflect the consultative approach that Nakhshijahan Med takes with healthcare providers to improve efficiency and safety in their operations.

Nakhshijahan Med, moreover, supply pharmaceuticals from manufacturers to hospitals, retail pharmacies, physician offices, and alternate care facilities. We offer the most secure, efficient and economical source of pharmaceuticals and value-added services to healthcare providers.